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Changing the way we drink plant milk.

Changing the way we drink plant milk.

What move's us!

At Krima we craft plant-based foods using the highest quality ingredients. Our products are dairy-free, sugar-free, gluten-free and plant based. At Krima we seek to minimize the impact on the environment, thus contributing to the well-being and happiness of all!

The best homemade,
nutritious plant milk.

We present Krima’s Plant Based Milk Concentrates! The best almond milk alternative, made with 100% almonds and packed with all of health benefits of nuts.

In a matter of seconds and following three simple steps – you will have the most nutrient dense plant based milk possible.

Simply add the concentrate along with water to your blender, blend, and enjoy!

The best part? You have complete control over your milk. Make it as a creamy or as thick as you want, and make as much or as little as you require (1 cup or 1 liter). No waste at all!

Our pouches are recyclable, made with aluminum free lining. To recycle the pouch - cut it open, clean it, and deposit in the recycling bin.

Krima is currently sold in more than 250 healthy stores and in the main supermarkets in Colombia.

Private Label

We manufacture products for two of the largest national food companies and comply with their high quality and safety standards.

Quality - Food Safety Management

We are in the process of achieving HACCP certification (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), covering the key requirements to assure food safety.

Advances: Prior to the documentation and implementation of HACCP, at KRIMA we comply with Good Manufacturing Practices and we have also executed the preliminary steps of HACCP.

We have a multidisciplinary HACCP team.

Monitoring of our processes: Our personnel constantly verifies that the products and processes are compliant with our high quality standards.